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Aggregates -- Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of Fister Quarries aggregates are the hardest (marble, quartzite, granite or pebbles)?
On the MOHL scale, (the scale on which stone hardness is measured) quartz and quartzite, the hardest aggregates, have a hardness grade of 8-9. These are followed by basalt, river gravel and granite, which have a grade of 7-8. Marble and limestone are the softest, with a grade of 5-6.

Is there a significant price difference between FQ’s marble, quartzite, granite and pebble aggregates?
Normally, quartz is the most expensive because there are fewer quartz deposits suitable for concrete. Quartz quarries are depleting faster than other aggregate quarries, with only a few abundant remaining deposits in Texas, Colorado and Canada.

Are any of FQ’s aggregates dyed?
No. All of the aggregates are distributed in their natural state.

Does the natural coloring of certain aggregates vary?
Because all aggregates are a product of nature, they’re subject to variation in color, texture and chemical content. Certain aggregates (quartz and marble) vary in color more than others.

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