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Our latest Industry Icon:

Bill Gwin - Gate Precast

Over the years, I have always placed a high value on getting to know as many people as possible, both personally and professionally. In over 40 years of working with Concrete Producers I have found that, as in life, the most interesting characters are also the most experienced.

Hence the reasoning behind our new Industry Icon feature. Every couple of months Precastguide will recognize a long-standing, well-respected individual who has been involved in the business of producing Concrete for over 25 years.

Our most recent Industry Icon is introduced above and you can view previous icons by clicking Index.

I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Charles Fister

Previous Industry Icon:

Jim Engle Jim Engle - Rocky Mountain Prestress
Learning the Business from the Ground Up

The following is a list of Industry Icons with the most recent Icon at the top. Please click on an individual to learn a little more about them.
July 2007 Bill Gwin - Gate Precast
January 2006 Jim Engle - Rocky Mountain Prestress
May 2005 Donald Faust
April 2005 Bruce Taylor - General Manager, Res Precast
October 2004 David Hanson - Fabcon Inc.
August 2004 James "Jim" R. Clark - Clark Pacific
June 2004 Charles W. Wilson - Wilson Concrete Company
April 2004 Larry LaFollettete - Rocky Mountain Prestress
January 2004 Mario Bertolini – PCI
October 2001 Tom Battles - PCI
August 2001 Henry Nagy - Spancrete Industries
June 2001 John Fowler - CPCI
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