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Sandblasting Nozzles -- Frequently Asked Questions

Why wet sandblasting?
Wet sandblasting serves as a low-cost method of dust and abrasive containment that might otherwise cause pollution problems in our environment.

What is a WIN® nozzle?
The WIN® nozzle is a new development by Boride which is more efficient than other wet sandblasting attachments. The system is in the nozzle.

How is the WIN® nozzle different than other wet sandblasting attachments?
The WIN® nozzle actually INDUCTS water INTERNALLY into the abrasive and air stream. This is different from water INJECTION systems that require a high pressure pump to get water into the abrasive and air stream.

Should you use a lot of water when wet sandblasting?
The answer is a definite NO. The WIN® system uses only several quarts of water per minute while most other systems use up to six gallons per minute. The barrier of water is more difficult to penetrate. The more water you use, the more you may reduce the velocity of the abrasive. The result is greatly reduced production rates.

Does the WIN® nozzle work like a "water ring" around the outside of a nozzle?
The answer is a definite NO. The "water ring" forces water on the blast stream as it exits the nozzle. Since the air and water are working against each other, the energy in the blast stream is reduced while the size of the blast pattern is being choked off by water spray onto the stream. While it is inexpensive to purchase a "water ring", the loss in production and increased abrasive consumption makes it the most costly wet sandblasting system.

Are there any other reasons why I should get better production from the WIN® nozzle?
The answer is YES. The design of the WIN® nozzle incorporates a downstream orifice that is considerably larger than a conventional blast nozzle. The result is a larger blast pattern which in effect yields greater production rates.

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