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Sandblasting Nozzles -- Product News

Now you can tackle the toughest sandblasting jobs without sacrificing clean air. Boride Products’ Water Induction Nozzle — WIN® System sandblasting nozzles are environmentally superior to standard ring nozzles. More than 50 U.S. companies now prefer using the WIN® System nozzles, which reduce dust by applying the right amount of water to the sand at initial contact, before the sand becomes airborne. The weighted-down water/sand/dust mixture becomes too heavy to float and immediately falls to the ground. WIN® System nozzles also require less water than standard models.

From Canada to Guam, companies are using eco-friendly WIN® System nozzles to keep employees safe and to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Note: Although the WIN® System nozzles dramatically reduce airborne particles, protective masks are strongly advised while sandblasting.

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