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Pigments -- Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a color that is not listed on the color chart, is it possible to have a color created for you?
Yes. Fister Quarries currently has more than 3,000 formulations, and we create new ones as needed to fulfill customers’ unique requirements.

Does the color of concrete vary depending on wet or dry weather?
Initially, there might be slight variations in the color of the concrete as it begins to cure. Once concrete has completely cured, these differences will disappear. Wet conditions can cause the curing process to last longer than it would during dry weather.

Will direct sunlight change the color of the concrete over time?
Sunlight will not, by itself, alter the color of concrete. All of the pigments FQ supplies are sun-fast. All concrete, however, will tend to yellow with age — even if it isn’t exposed to sunlight. This is due to the yellowing of the cement itself as it ages. Yellowing will tend to give all concrete more of a “buff” cast over time.

Can the amount of water change the color of the concrete as it is being mixed?
Yes. This is why it is very important to keep the slump/water-to-cement ratio as constant as possible throughout an entire project. Higher slump/water-to-cement ratios will tend to produce lighter colored concrete.

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