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Pigments -- Product News

Designing and installing pre-cast concrete walls is tough enough — you don’t need the extra hassle that comes with dispensing pigments. That’s why Dynamic Color Solutions offers architectural pre-castors not only top-quality powder and liquid pigments, but also a liquid-pigment measuring and dispensing system that gets the job done quickly and minimizes waste.

As liquid pigments become the preferred choice among pre-castors, the DCS Liquid Color Dispensing System Series 1000S-MW precisely weighs and measures the amount of pigment needed for each concrete batch, eliminating waste and mess. The system is cost-efficient and less labor-intensive. Once a batch is programmed, a batch ticket is printed to capture the proper program for future mixing.

For more information on DCS pigments or the DCS Liquid Color Dispensing System Series 1000S-MW, call (800) 542-7393 (USA) or (800) 626-4099 (Canada).

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