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Dynamic Color Solutions, Inc. offers an award-winning selection of pigments specifically formulated for addition to any concrete mix. DCS products are designed to work well with a wide range of finishes, from smooth to deeply exposed aggregate surfaces. Over 5000 blends of different pigments are available in 50 pound bags, batch sized bags, or liquid slurry form.
The DCS color lab ensures that all their pigments meet your specification through rigid quality control and spectrophotometric analysis. DCS Mortar and Cement Colors are composed of finely milled 95-99% minus 325 mesh inorganic synthetic and natural iron oxides. DCS Mortar and Cement Color are alkali resistant, water insoluble, inert, light resistant, inorganic, and limeproof.
  • Custom bag sizes and multiple packaging option available for all applications.
  • Quality and consistency from shipment to shipment.
  • All shades available in powder, liquid, and custom colored mortars manufactured using masonry cement, mortar cement, and blends of Portland cement and lime.
  • Batch and lot tracking.
  • Timely shipments of all products.
  • Over 3,000 different formulations.
  • Complete lab and custom matching service included at no additional cost.
  • No charge samples for job site panels.
  • Spectrophotometric analysis available.

    Pigments are by Dynamic Color Solutions, Inc. (DCS) located in Milwaukee, WI. DCS is a family owned & operated manufacturer offering a full range of pigments used globally to color concrete. DCS specializes in the architectural precast concrete industry while also offering pigments used in various other applications such as in foundry & animal feed. In addition to pigments DCS designs & custom manufactures liquid color dispensing equipment to suit your specific plant’s needs. For more information please visit or call 800-657-0737